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Our Success Stories

Dear Dr. Masoumi,

I wanted to write you a note to say thank you!! Yesterday I ran a
personal best in the marathon by 5 minutes with a time of 3:28 and
qualified to run the Boston Marathon in April (and came in 3rd for my
age category!). My goal before my hip injury last October was to run
under 3:30, but after months of seeing very little progress I had
pretty much thrown that goal out the window for this race. Back at the
end of April, before coming to see you, I wasn’t able to run more than
3kms without pain and I thought for sure I would be postponing my
dream of running Boston for another year.

Your treatments really helped me and allowed me to get through my
training and run my best race to date! I look forward to continuing to
work with you in the months to come leading up to April’s Boston

August 1, 2017

Alanna G

I am very grateful to my Chiropractor, Dr. Ali Masoumi for recognizing and treating my chronic condition in my foot, leg, and hip. I am now able to function and control the pain on a daily basis. After many years of seeing doctors and specialists and having a CAT scan and MRI to no relief, it has been Dr. Masoumi’s work with me that has made a profound change in my lifestyle.

August 13, 2015

As an ultra-runner and adventurer I put my body through a lot. Dr. Ali Masoumi was the first doctor that didn’t just treat my injury but went further and worked a plan to prevent further injuries. Thanks to him I am back training and performing at a level that my sport demands.

March 1, 2016

Norma B.

I started attending the Morgan Crossing Sports Medicine Clinic for treatment after a motor vehicle accident in September of 2011.  I was suffering from post-concussion symptoms and an array of soft tissue injuries to my neck, jaw, upper and lower back, and hips which left me unable to work.   I began treatments with chiropractor Dr. Ali Masoumi after being referred by my family doctor.

Dr. Masoumi has been a great resource for me.  His professionalism and knowledge has been exceptional and he has always had my health and recovery as his top priority.  It was actually Dr. Masoumi’s thoroughness and attention to detail that caught a very concerning health risk that other doctors I had recently seen had completely missed.

I can’t begin to express my sincerest respect and trust for the staff at the Morgan Crossing Sports Medicine Clinic.  For months immediately after my accident the staff became my support network and it is because of their support and treatment that I am now able to return to work.  I recommend them to all my friends, and to those reading this testimonial, give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!

March 2, 2016


I had plantar fasciitis 3 years ago and had attended a podiatrist. With stretching, exercises, cortisone shot, and orthotics my foot was doing well. When the problem began on my other foot I attended the podiatrist again but the stretching, exercises, and cortisone had no improvement. It was suggested that I consider a night splint and if that failed see an orthopedic surgeon. I was referred to Morgan Crossing Sports Medicine Clinic by a friend. By the time I called for a consultation with Dr. Masoumi I had so much pain in my heel and foot that I was limping around. After 7 treatments with Dr. Masoumi my pain decreased from 9 out of 10 to no pain at all. Dr. Masoumi was enthusiastic and had a positive influence on my improvement. Excellent service, a very clean facility with friendly, helpful and courteous staff. If I ever need therapy again I will come back to this office.

August 1, 2016

Patricia R.

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